Saturday, June 5, 2010


My forever people finally found me! I am the luckiest and happiest dog ever.
This is how it happened. Right before my vacation, the foster lady and I went to pit bull class like we always do. When we got there, this really nice, fun lady started smiling really big, and she ran over to meet me and the foster lady. I let the nice lady know that I was smart and sweet and cute and funny. She gave me a treat, which was really yummy, and so I showed her my special belly dance. She said I was beautiful. Then we walked over to where a nice mister was sitting and he smiled at me and rubbed my head and then he said I was beautiful. I smiled back and explained how I am smart and funny and sweet, too. Next, the nice people gave me a tennis ball, so I showed them how amazing I am at taking tennis balls apart. They were very impressed and they showed me and the foster lady pictures of different pit bulls that they lived with long before I was born. The nice people told us that they have lived with pit bulls for over 40 years! They said they are something called "retired" so this means that I would never be home alone while they go to work, there would be little girls called "granddaughters" to play with, and I would get to ride around with the nice lady in something called a smartcar. This all sounded like a lot of fun, and just the type of forever home I wanted.

The next day, I went on my vacation. While I was on vacation, Mr. Tim came and asked me to go for a ride in his car with him and Ms. Donna so I could help with something called a home check. He explained that we were going to visit the nice people and make sure their house was up to my high standards. When we got to the nice people's house, there was a sign on the door that said "Welcome to your forever home, Daisy Mae!" We went inside and checked out the house, the beds, the toys and the big back yard. I sat down and smiled at Mr. Tim and Ms. Donna and at the nice people to let them know that I really liked everything. Mr. Tim asked me if I wanted to stay and I smiled and wagged and climbed into the nice mister's lap to give him a kiss so everyone knew - YES I want to stay here! So I moved right in with the nice people who are now my Forever Lady and Forever Mister.
It did take my forever people a little while to find me, but the foster lady always told me it was just taking a while because I am a very special girl, and my forever family would be very special too. I am the happiest lil' mama ever, now I have my very own family.

Lots and lots of kisses,
Miss Daisy Mae