Saturday, June 5, 2010


My forever people finally found me! I am the luckiest and happiest dog ever.
This is how it happened. Right before my vacation, the foster lady and I went to pit bull class like we always do. When we got there, this really nice, fun lady started smiling really big, and she ran over to meet me and the foster lady. I let the nice lady know that I was smart and sweet and cute and funny. She gave me a treat, which was really yummy, and so I showed her my special belly dance. She said I was beautiful. Then we walked over to where a nice mister was sitting and he smiled at me and rubbed my head and then he said I was beautiful. I smiled back and explained how I am smart and funny and sweet, too. Next, the nice people gave me a tennis ball, so I showed them how amazing I am at taking tennis balls apart. They were very impressed and they showed me and the foster lady pictures of different pit bulls that they lived with long before I was born. The nice people told us that they have lived with pit bulls for over 40 years! They said they are something called "retired" so this means that I would never be home alone while they go to work, there would be little girls called "granddaughters" to play with, and I would get to ride around with the nice lady in something called a smartcar. This all sounded like a lot of fun, and just the type of forever home I wanted.

The next day, I went on my vacation. While I was on vacation, Mr. Tim came and asked me to go for a ride in his car with him and Ms. Donna so I could help with something called a home check. He explained that we were going to visit the nice people and make sure their house was up to my high standards. When we got to the nice people's house, there was a sign on the door that said "Welcome to your forever home, Daisy Mae!" We went inside and checked out the house, the beds, the toys and the big back yard. I sat down and smiled at Mr. Tim and Ms. Donna and at the nice people to let them know that I really liked everything. Mr. Tim asked me if I wanted to stay and I smiled and wagged and climbed into the nice mister's lap to give him a kiss so everyone knew - YES I want to stay here! So I moved right in with the nice people who are now my Forever Lady and Forever Mister.
It did take my forever people a little while to find me, but the foster lady always told me it was just taking a while because I am a very special girl, and my forever family would be very special too. I am the happiest lil' mama ever, now I have my very own family.

Lots and lots of kisses,
Miss Daisy Mae

Friday, May 21, 2010


I found out yesterday that I'm going on vacation next week! I have never heard the word 'vacation' before, but the foster lady says it means I get to go and spend time with some really nice people and a super wonderful dog called Stella. She even says there is a boy there! I love the small humans called kids.

I have learned that the giant floaty balls called balloons mean that kids are around.
The first time I saw these balloon things, I thought they were a little scary, but then some little girls came outside and gave me kisses, so I learned that balloons mean I get kisses from little girls. I love balloons now, because I really really like kids and the good kisses they give me.
I'm looking forward to getting kisses from the boy on my vacation and meeting Stella and her nice people. The foster lady says my vacation is good practice for when I go home with my forever family, so I can remember to always be a good and polite dog in a new house.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I know I'm a mama, but no one ever gave me a special present or said I was special because I've had puppies. At least not until today. This morning the foster lady said we were going shopping so I could get a special present. She said that because it was mother's day, and I was such a good little mama, I could pick out whatever I wanted. That sounded really good, so I sat nicely and smiled while she got my collar and harness ready.
When we got to the store it was very exciting. There were so many options! At first I thought I wanted a tennis ball, but then I remembered the collection by the front door. Next I thought about getting a squeaky ball, but the foster lady said it was too small for me, which was true. Then, right near the counter I saw what I wanted. I grabbed it and looked at the foster lady to let her know that this was my mother's day present. She talked to the man at the counter and I proudly carried it back to the car.
When we got home, I sat on my new toy to keep it safe from Uba who wanted to pull the arms.
I hope all the other mamas out there got presents as nice as my new toy.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Belly Dancer

On of the things I really like to do when I'm having a good day is my very special belly dance. I love to throw myself down on a nice soft carpet and wiggle around on my back.
It feels really nice and very often it makes the people stop what they're doing and come over and rub my belly. I like to finish my belly dance by singing about it and jumping up. Since my surgery the jumping up has been tough, but I'm getting better.

The foster lady has been trying to catch my performance on video, but I haven't let her yet. I have to keep some things private for my forever family to learn about in person. I wonder where those nice people are and why they haven't found me yet.

Miss Daisy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Wonderful Present!

Yesterday, on our way to pit bull class the foster lady stopped and went in to a store. When she came back to the car, she had a bag that smelled very interesting and she told me there was a present for me inside. I was very excited to see what it was! After class, we went to lunch with some of our pit bull friends and their people and this strange tall furry puppy, and Mr. Tim and Ms. Donna. On our way to the lunch place, I wasn't in my crate like I usually am in the car, so I thought it was a great opportunity to inspect the very interesting smell and see what my present was. Inside the bag I found TWO of the BEST BALLS IN THE WORLD!!!! I try not to be a greedy dog, so I took one out and I held on to it very tightly.
I carried the wonderful present all the way to the lunch place, and I held on to it the whole time the people were eating lunch. Loretta was very jealous and she whined at me asking for the ball. I held on to my wonderful present and people smiled at me and took my picture. When it was time to go home, I had to let go of the ball, but it was right next to my crate in the car so I could keep a close eye on it.
When we got home the foster lady let me have my present back! I was so happy and I took it into the room with the computer, and finally had the opportunity to get a really close look at the wonderful ball in peace and privacy. I found out that it has this cool white fluffy stuff inside and so I pulled it all out.
It took a lot of work but eventually I got all the fluffy stuff out. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, all that fun meant there was no more ball to play with.
I had a nice drink of water and took a long nap and dreamed about the other present that is waiting for me.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rain Inside

Today the foster lady said to me "Daisy, you are pretty stinky and it is time you had a bath". The "bath" thing last happened right before I got my new knee, and it involved the room upstairs with all the rain inside. I let the foster lady know that I really really did not want to go into that rainy room. I was naughty and I ran away from the wet room. Unfortunately I am not at all big (in the body at least, my personality is quite big), so the foster lady picked me up and carried me back to the inside rain.
When we got into the wet room she put me right into the bath tub. It was nice and warm. Then she poured the warm water all over me and she scrubbed me all over with soap that smells like yummy food. It felt really nice and she kept telling me I was a good girl.
When it was all over she wrapped me up in a towel and petted me a lot.
Now I feel all nice and clean and my skin isn't itchy. I have to admit that the bath thing wasn't as bad as I remembered.

When my forever family finds me, I will have to make sure that they give me nice warm baths with cozy towels to get me dry afterwards. Just not too often.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I did a Good Job Today

I found a tennis ball today on my walk. I picked it up and carried it all the way home for the collection by the door. The foster lady pointed her camera at me while I was walking, and now I have a movie of me being very helpful. Unfortunately I was a little distracted by the important work and forgot to sit at the corner like I usually do.

I bet my forever family will be really happy to have such a hard working dog!