Friday, May 21, 2010


I found out yesterday that I'm going on vacation next week! I have never heard the word 'vacation' before, but the foster lady says it means I get to go and spend time with some really nice people and a super wonderful dog called Stella. She even says there is a boy there! I love the small humans called kids.

I have learned that the giant floaty balls called balloons mean that kids are around.
The first time I saw these balloon things, I thought they were a little scary, but then some little girls came outside and gave me kisses, so I learned that balloons mean I get kisses from little girls. I love balloons now, because I really really like kids and the good kisses they give me.
I'm looking forward to getting kisses from the boy on my vacation and meeting Stella and her nice people. The foster lady says my vacation is good practice for when I go home with my forever family, so I can remember to always be a good and polite dog in a new house.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I know I'm a mama, but no one ever gave me a special present or said I was special because I've had puppies. At least not until today. This morning the foster lady said we were going shopping so I could get a special present. She said that because it was mother's day, and I was such a good little mama, I could pick out whatever I wanted. That sounded really good, so I sat nicely and smiled while she got my collar and harness ready.
When we got to the store it was very exciting. There were so many options! At first I thought I wanted a tennis ball, but then I remembered the collection by the front door. Next I thought about getting a squeaky ball, but the foster lady said it was too small for me, which was true. Then, right near the counter I saw what I wanted. I grabbed it and looked at the foster lady to let her know that this was my mother's day present. She talked to the man at the counter and I proudly carried it back to the car.
When we got home, I sat on my new toy to keep it safe from Uba who wanted to pull the arms.
I hope all the other mamas out there got presents as nice as my new toy.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Belly Dancer

On of the things I really like to do when I'm having a good day is my very special belly dance. I love to throw myself down on a nice soft carpet and wiggle around on my back.
It feels really nice and very often it makes the people stop what they're doing and come over and rub my belly. I like to finish my belly dance by singing about it and jumping up. Since my surgery the jumping up has been tough, but I'm getting better.

The foster lady has been trying to catch my performance on video, but I haven't let her yet. I have to keep some things private for my forever family to learn about in person. I wonder where those nice people are and why they haven't found me yet.

Miss Daisy