Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rain Inside

Today the foster lady said to me "Daisy, you are pretty stinky and it is time you had a bath". The "bath" thing last happened right before I got my new knee, and it involved the room upstairs with all the rain inside. I let the foster lady know that I really really did not want to go into that rainy room. I was naughty and I ran away from the wet room. Unfortunately I am not at all big (in the body at least, my personality is quite big), so the foster lady picked me up and carried me back to the inside rain.
When we got into the wet room she put me right into the bath tub. It was nice and warm. Then she poured the warm water all over me and she scrubbed me all over with soap that smells like yummy food. It felt really nice and she kept telling me I was a good girl.
When it was all over she wrapped me up in a towel and petted me a lot.
Now I feel all nice and clean and my skin isn't itchy. I have to admit that the bath thing wasn't as bad as I remembered.

When my forever family finds me, I will have to make sure that they give me nice warm baths with cozy towels to get me dry afterwards. Just not too often.



  1. Hi Miss Daisy,
    I'm so glad that your bath experience was better this time! It Was kind of naughty of you to run away, but you look very cooperative in the pictures.I know I always feel so nice after a bath, especially if someone else dries me off! :)

  2. It looks like you took to the bath quite well the second time. Much better than many pooches we know.

  3. Daisy, you don't look particularly happy, but I'm sure it was well worth it. You are so cute with the suds all over you!

  4. Bathies are not so bad, cuz they make you smell nice and feel good!