Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Guy

There's this guy that lives here with me and my best girl friend, Lulu. His name is Uba and he is small and super cool, like me, and he seems pretty smart, for a guy. He is a great wrestler and we had a lot of fun wrestling together before I got my new knee. Since I had my surgery, Uba has been really nice and considerate. When he runs around the house, which he does a LOT, he is very careful not to crash into me. Usually if he wants to get by me, he just jumps right over me!

He even lets me share the very comfortable bed by the heater with him when its cold outside.
Apparently, he is a very famous and important guy. He isn't stuck up or anything, despite being a celebrity. He is really nice to me, and I can't wait until we can wrestle together again.
I hope my forever home comes with someone like this guy Uba, only maybe a little less bouncy.



  1. You are both adorable. I hope your knee is getting better every day. Lisa

  2. That's so nice of you to keep his face clean.

  3. Daisy, you gorgeous Gremlin Queen,

    I so enjoy following your antics. I just awarded you the Sunshine Award! I hope you'll accept it. Visit my blog for details!

  4. You look like two little peas in a pod (sweet peas that is).

  5. Nice move in with the kiss Daisy Mae! He's loving it!