Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Friend Lulu

When I moved in with my foster family the first dog I met was Lulu.  She is a pit bull too but is much bigger than me and red brindle.  Lulu has been really nice about showing me how things work here in the city.  She helped me understand about going outside to pee (even in the rain!), not stealing other people's food even when it smells yummy, being nice to the cats even when they sneak up on you, and how to convince the people to let you sit on the couch.

Lulu and I go on nice relaxed walks together in the evening before the foster lady takes wild crazy Uba for his super long fast walk.  She has shown me the good places to sniff in the neighborhood and explained amazing things like busses, stores, and the places that only people can go into that smell like food.

Lulu is also fun to play with because even though she is much bigger than me she gets down to my level and makes sure she doesn't crush me.  She is a really good friend and mentor and we share common interests - eating and comfortable beds.  Thank you Lulu for being my friend.



  1. what pretty ladies! Lulu looks a compassionate, sensitive, wise soul. Uba's a lucky dog.

  2. Kellyn, you are absolutely correct about Lulu. She is an amazing dog. We couldn't do this without her.