Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Belly Dancer

On of the things I really like to do when I'm having a good day is my very special belly dance. I love to throw myself down on a nice soft carpet and wiggle around on my back.
It feels really nice and very often it makes the people stop what they're doing and come over and rub my belly. I like to finish my belly dance by singing about it and jumping up. Since my surgery the jumping up has been tough, but I'm getting better.

The foster lady has been trying to catch my performance on video, but I haven't let her yet. I have to keep some things private for my forever family to learn about in person. I wonder where those nice people are and why they haven't found me yet.

Miss Daisy


  1. Hi Miss Daisy! You look awfully cute rolling around on the rug, like a big silly. I would love to see a video of you, especially so I could hear you singing about it! Believe me, if I lived in a place that would allow "pets", I would see about adopting you in a heartbeat! I think you're so pretty and funny and sweet. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your forever family to find you really soon. Lisa

  2. I've never seen a belly dance like that before. I bet your forever family is going to be so excited to have such a talented dog.

  3. That is so cute!

    From time-to-time my pittie gets a little rash on her belly. I like to check sometimes. I say "show me you belly" and she gets down and does the same dance as you. She does not like doing the dance on hard floors, only on carpet. Like you, she performs a song after her dance, too. Now I say "show me you belly" even when I know there is no rash. I just like the song and dance routine.

    Whoever winds up adopting you will be lucky to have such a beautiful and talented girl at home. Woo-woo!

  4. oh my the boys in our pack are all wiggly ofur your belly dancin