Friday, May 21, 2010


I found out yesterday that I'm going on vacation next week! I have never heard the word 'vacation' before, but the foster lady says it means I get to go and spend time with some really nice people and a super wonderful dog called Stella. She even says there is a boy there! I love the small humans called kids.

I have learned that the giant floaty balls called balloons mean that kids are around.
The first time I saw these balloon things, I thought they were a little scary, but then some little girls came outside and gave me kisses, so I learned that balloons mean I get kisses from little girls. I love balloons now, because I really really like kids and the good kisses they give me.
I'm looking forward to getting kisses from the boy on my vacation and meeting Stella and her nice people. The foster lady says my vacation is good practice for when I go home with my forever family, so I can remember to always be a good and polite dog in a new house.



  1. Dear Miss Daisy Mae,
    Wow! A vacation! You're a lucky girl. My sister and my Dad are taking a vacation to go to the Grand Canyon next week. I bet your vacation will be just as interesting and exciting as there's, with a little human there. I love the photo of you with the balloon on your precious nose.

  2. It's so great you're already used to staying with other families. Though I have to say I am very impressed with your ability to be near the balloon. I thought Miss M was fearless, but she is absolutely scared of balloons. You're one tough dog!

  3. Miss Daisy! Are you getting adopted? Do tell..

  4. I read something about Daisy Mae maybe having a home on the Bad Rap blog? Is that what her vacation is - a trial? I hope she doesn't just go away with out a good bye.