Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Feel Funny

Today I went to see a nice man called Dr. Schwach.  He looked at me all over and told my foster lady how very special and unique I am.  Then he shaved a spot on my leg and I felt really really sleepy.  While I was sleeping he took pictures of the insides of my legs.  When we got home I was cold and still kind of sleepy, so the foster lady wrapped me up in a blanket and I took a long nap.

My foster people say I will be going to see him again soon and he will make the leg that hurts stop hurting. I'm looking forward to that, although I am not looking forward to this funny sleepy feeling.



  1. oh I hope your leg gets all better fast! you are a special girl

  2. My (human) mom has had both her knees replaced. It's not too bad, and then you can run without pain.

  3. What a sweet girl! My girl had knee surgery also and she is so much happier, it is a long haul for recovery, but so very worth it. I just want to kiss that wet nose.

  4. with that beautiful face you deserve a beautiful life. one that includes running in fields of white and gold daisies. >)

  5. Sweet babe-alicious! Love that face, Dais!