Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time to Think

Since my surgery and this awful donut thing has been around my neck I am on total exercise restriction. This means  I get carried everywhere.  This restriction is OK by me because my leg hurts and these stupid metal staple things are SOOOOOO ITCHY and they won’t let me lick them and pick them out like I want to.

 All this rest is giving me time to think about where I come from.  As you know, not too long ago I belonged to a dog fighter.  My job was to have puppies, and I had lots and lots of puppies.  I was a very good mama and I took good care of all my puppies.  It made me sad and scared when the people came and took them away from me. I explained this to my foster people when I moved in with them.  There were toys here that looked a bit like puppies, so I gathered them all together and made sure they were safe.  When the people took them away from me, I looked and looked until I found them again.  The foster people said that they would keep the toys safe in the high up cabinet so I can learn that I don’t have to worry about being a mama any more.  

I am proud that I was a good mama to my puppies, but it is a relief not to have to worry about keeping puppies safe.  I feel younger and happier than I can remember, even with this ouchy leg.  When I was staying with the nice people at the shelter in Claremore Oklahoma they put a tattoo on my belly that means I won’t have any more puppies.  Now instead of being a mama, my job is to remember to pee outside and to be cute and sweet.  When she lets me out of my crate, the foster lady says to me “come on lil’ mama, lets go outside”, and I wag my tail and let her carry me outside.  Then she tells me I’m a good girl and gives me a treat.  I really like this new job!  


  1. your new job sounds so much better!

  2. Yes, I'm glad you got this new job too.

  3. Hi Daisy, sorry we missed your surgery date but it looks like you came through fine. You will really be surprised when those itchy metal things go away, one day not to far off you will realize you have no pain and your new job will be to just have a great time every day!
    yr pal pearly mae