Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Zipper's Gone!

I went to see my nice doctor and vet techs and they were very happy to see me of course and they took the itchy metal staples out of my leg.  They took my zipper off!  Now I am not nearly as itchy and I don't have to wear the donut.  Getting rid of the donut is really a huge relief.  I have to be careful though because if I lick the scar too much I will have to get the donut back on.
I can finally start going for short walks.  When we got home from getting the zipper off, I got to walk to the corner in the rain before we went inside to show Uba and Lulu my new leg.  Then today, I got to walk all the way around the block.  A lot has happened in the neighborhood since I got my new knee.  There were a lot of things to smell!

I got a new collar, too.  It must be specially made for me because it matches my harness and leash and has daisy flowers on it.  I am a lucky dog - a new knee and a new special Daisy collar!  Finally I am being treated like the queen I am.



  1. awww so glad the itchy things are gone!

  2. Rock on Miss Daisy --- and kudos to your foster mom, too!

  3. There must be so many new things to see now that the donut isn't obstructing your view. You look great in that collar!

  4. This is 100% the CUTEST blog I've ever seen! What happened to her leg? It looks like my little angel pitbull's did when she tore her ACL...

  5. yey for no zippers!!
    you are so furry cute
    wanna be furryends???
    pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  6. Daisy - I just found you. You're so cute! I'm glad to hear that your zipper is a thing of the past. Now, on to better stuff!