Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I come from Oklahoma, as you know.  This is what January looks like in Oklahoma:

I lived outside in the snow and rain and wind and cold when I lived in Oklahoma.

This is what January looks like in California:

In California I live inside a cozy house with people and beds and blankets and they put these weird things called sweaters on me, and its not even cold.

I have decided that living in a house in California is better than living outside in Oklahoma.  I can't wait for my forever family to find me and show me their house that I can live inside with them.



  1. Daisy, you are so right...January in California definitely beats January in the midwest. :-) Thanks for making me smile with your posts.


  2. Gosh Miss Daisy, I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy that California sunshine. And I'm so sorry your time in Oklahoma was under such terrible circumstances......rest assured had I known your situation I would have swooped in from Oklahoma City and grabbed you up, please tell your foster family to give you some smooshy kisses from me!