Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have been learning that some things are called toys and some things are apparently not toys.  Toys means that I can take the things and move them around and do pretty much whatever I want with them.  I am supposed to share the toys with everyone else, but I don't always want to, and the foster people take toys away from me when I won't share.  Things that are toys include the hard chewy things, the orange squeaky thing, the stuffie thing, tennis balls and the things called kongs.

Things that are not toys are towels, blankets, Lulu and Uba's beds, my bed, the cats' beds, sweaters, hats, bath mats, cats, shoes, socks, laundry, tv remotes and lots and lots of other things.  I really do think that some of these things are really toys and the foster people are wrong.  I mean, cat beds are so much fun to play with!

(that's William the Cat's tail messing up the good picture of me)

Note from Daisy's foster mom:  Daisy is learning that she can manipulate her environment.  It is quite a revelation to a dog who has lived on a chain all her life that she has the power to alter her world.  She is acting like a puppy and is trying out everything.  I get to learn patience while she learns boundaries. - Letti

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  1. Daisy Mae, you are adorable! I hope you find a great home. My Diva (well-named) sends lots of good wishes to you. She is a rescued pit bull too.