Friday, January 29, 2010

The Hand-Me-Down Sweater

As you probably guessed, I had to take back the sweater I wanted from the store, and apologize to the lady for being a shop lifter.  Then the people all laughed and said I had sticky paws - I don't get it, my paws were pretty clean!  Anyway, because I don't have my own sweater, when its chilly Uba is nice enough to let me wear one of his sweaters.   Here I am looking cute and cozy in a boy-ish sweater.
I really want one of the fancy sparkly pink ones from the sweater store. The foster lady says if I can show her I am a good girl and I won't chew the sparkles off a pretty sweater, MAYBE she'll talk to the lady at the store and we can see if there is a pretty girly sweater that fits me.  I'm going to concentrate really hard on being a good girl so I can get a fancy sweater.



  1. Smooches to you Miss Daisy Mae. Be a good girl.

  2. Daisy, I think you would look beautiful in a sparkly pink sweater, befitting a gremlin queen. I think you should be an extra good girl so that your foster mom will know that you have earned something pretty. You can also try batting your eyes at her. That has been known to work too! Good luck! I hope to see pictures of you in a pretty new sweater soon.

  3. aww you look good in Ubas sweater :)