Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One of the nice things I have discovered since I moved to the big city is shopping.  There are two places for shopping that I walk to with my foster family.  The nice people at both of the stores really like my foster brother and sister, and love me of course.  One of the stores has all these buckets of toys and balls to sniff and then Uba and I get to select the best ones and the foster people talk to the nice lady at the counter and we take the stuff home with us.   Lulu always asks for treats while we pick out toys.  The nice lady at the store gave me this super cool thing that is all soft and cuddly and it SQUEAKS!  The foster people say I need to learn something called "self control", so I only get to play with it sometimes.

The other store we go shopping at has lots of clothes to sniff.  The foster lady says it is rude to just grab the sweaters and walk out like I did the first time we went there.   The lady in the sweater store likes to sit down on the floor with me and let me give her all the kisses I want.  I wag my tail a lot when I give kisses.  I guess my kisses are really good because she gave me this really nice thing called a bully stick to take home.  It was delicious!

Thank you very much nice pet store ladies!  I love the nice things and I promise I will make sure the foster lady talks to you at the counter next time I want to take a sweater home.



  1. you sure do look like you are enjoying that bully stick!

  2. Daisy, you are just too cute! If I didn't already have 2 "girls" at home I would scoop you up in a minute. I'm glad you learned about shoplifting early. :-) Keep sharing your stories!


  3. Daisy, You are one adorable little gremlin!