Friday, January 22, 2010

Petite Red Head Searching for Love & Commitment

I am a 5 year old 35 pound buckskin female searching for a forever relationship.  I enjoy snuggling, wagging my tail and giving kisses.  I am looking for a family that includes a nice dog companion that I can go for walks with, sniff stuff with and trade chew toys with.  I also enjoy the company of cats and any other type of critter you may want to introduce me to.

Most importantly I am searching for people to share my life with.  I am not a very demanding dog, all I want is a comfy bed, two good meals a day, regular walks, and love.  If you want to let me sit on the couch or sleep on your bed with you, I would like that a lot too.  In return I will give you all my love and devotion.  I will do my best to be a very good girl and make you smile and laugh whenever I can.  I will relax in my crate while you are out and smile and wag my whole body when you come home.  I will also look like a gremlin most of the time and sometimes do an excellent Yoda impersonation.

Are you the family I'm looking for?  If you think you might be, please contact



  1. i am sure you will find a wonderful make soon!

  2. Daisy, you are adorable! Anyone would want to love & commit to you - here's hoping one who has the right qualifications shows up soon, soon, soon!